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Brass Nibbles Plate
Brass Nibbles Plate
Brass Nibbles Plate
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Brass Nibbles Plate

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Whenever Jackson’s granny visited, the pair would go out to play bingo. He would sit next to her with a fake bingo card and chips. Every time she’d look over, Jackson would have the whole board covered.

“Looks like you won again,” Granny would say, passing him a Dum Dum each round.

Every time he got home carrying a bouquet of suckers, Jackson’s mom, Betty, would snatch them from his hands. “You can have one of these once you finish your vegetables,” Betty always said, hiding the candy in a cookie jar that never had any cookies in it—just dozens of Dum Dums.

Like those precious childhood memories, these plates seem to belong to a time long ago, yet remain ever-new. Fill them with nuts or crackers and place them on your cheeseboard as the perfect accessory for sharing with friends. Crafted by hand from thin brass sheets.

4.25" x .5"


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