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Copenhagen Soft Cheese Knife
Copenhagen Soft Cheese Knife
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Copenhagen Soft Cheese Knife

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Bri was hyper-focused on the red pepper in front of her—making sure the julienne cuts were just so. Her sister, Autumn, stood next to her, dicing an onion. “This is gonna make me cry soon,” Autumn mentioned, “I can feel it.”

“You sure you’re not just upset that my peppers are perfect?” Bri lifted her eyes from her pepper operation briefly so she could stick out her tongue at Autumn.

“My onion is better than your pepper!” Autumn retorted, starting to cry and laugh at the same time. “Look what you did…you made me cry.”

Bri set down her knife and hugged Autumn, chuckling as well. Bri reluctantly decided in her head they could take a break from their mise en place so Autumn could avoid the stinging tears only an onion could offer.


Boska comes from the land of all things Gouda. They seek excellence in their work so whomever uses them can feel they’re getting a slice of perfection as well. This stainless steel soft cheese knife is dishwasher safe and user-friendly. The narrow blade keeps soft cheeses from sticking.

Stainless Steel





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