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Monaco+ Hard Cheese Hatchet
Monaco+ Hard Cheese Hatchet
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Monaco+ Hard Cheese Hatchet

Monaco+ Hard Cheese Hatchet

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The clunk of the cleaver hitting the board startled Mel, causing her to break the tip of her pencil. “Dad,” Mel said sternly, “Do you really have to do that?”

“Cut meat? Yeah, it’s kind of my whole job,” Anthony said.

Mel rolled her eyes, “Do we at least have a pencil sharpener here? I have to finish this.”

Anthony set his knife down, “Sorry, sweetie, we don’t. I’ll take you home soon, but come over here for a sec so I can show you how to break down this chicken.”

Mel begrudgingly set down her books; grabbed a hairnet and apron; and dragged herself over to a fresh cutting board where a whole chicken sat. This was Anthony’s go-to lesson when he noticed Mel getting wound up.

“So, we’re gonna make a slit in the skin by the legs,” Anthony grabbed a smaller knife and started to show Mel.

“Dad, I know how to do it,” she put out her hand to take the knife from him. “You’ve shown me so much, I dream about it sometimes.”


Boska comes from the land of all things Gouda. They seek excellence in their work, so whomever uses them can feel they’re getting a slice of perfection as well. This stainless steel hatchet is dishwasher safe and user-friendly. The wide, non-stick blade makes it easy to control during cutting.

Stainless Steel



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