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Get started building your Mother's Day cheese board with these handy lessons. Use our quick start guide and cheese cutting videos to prepare, check out our different styling ideas, and mix up a fruity cocktail (or mocktail!) with our recipe suggestions. To get started, make sure to take your cheeses out of the fridge so they can warm up to room temperature, and watch our handy guide videos while you wait. You'll have the best cheese board ever ready to go in no time!




You don't have to copy our quick start guide to the letter, there are lots of ways to style a cheese board! Get some inspiration from our three different suggestions below, or get creative and invent your own layout!


Don't sweat the small stuff. Go for any easy, semi-cut board that invites everyone to dig right in. Make sure to include some cheese knives, and spread everything out so it's easy to reach. Start with a few pieces cut out of everything so no one feels awkward being the first to grab a bite.


Do it sort of for the 'gram. Go ahead and map out your board in beautiful quadrants of triangles, nuggets, and sticks. Layer your cookies and biscuits, and sprinkle the cashews around the board to fill in empty spaces. You can add color with fresh pairings, like raspberries and/or pear slices.


Sometimes it feels good to stay within the lines. Lay out your bites in tidy rows or meandering paths, or like rays of sunshine. This style of board building is simple and effective, but you can get as fancy with your lines as you want!


Don't forget your Lime Cordial cocktail syrup! You can use it in place of simple syrup in any cocktail you like, and each bottle comes with some recipes of it's own. We've got our own suggestions too, compleate with a non-alcoholic version! This recipe is simple and can be made right in the glass, plus it features raspberries which we LOVE as the fresh pairing on this cheeseboard. And if you need more than one or two drinks, you can easily make a larger size in a pitcher.


This non-alcoholic mocktail is easy and inclusive! Here's what you need: your lime cordial cocktail syrup, raspberries, mint leaves, fresh lime slices, and sparkling water.

1. Add your raspberries, mint leaves, and limes into your serving glass. Feel free to be generous with your raspberries if you like a sweeter drink.
2. Muddle everything together for about 1 minute.
3. Next add your lime cordial. We recommend 1 part cordial to 4 parts sparkling water.
4. Add ice, and top off the glass with sparkling water.
5. Give everything a quick stir, top with a sprig of mint, and serve!


The cocktail version is very similar to its non-alcoholic cousin, and just as simple. Here's what you'll need: your lime cordial cocktail syrup, raspberries, mint leaves, fresh lime slices, and your sparkling wine of choice. 

1. Add raspberries, mint leaves, and limes into your serving glass.
2. Muddle everything together for about 1 minute.
3. Then add your lime cordial to taste, about 1/2 oz is a safe place to start but we like to add a little more. Especially if you have a nice sized glass!
4. Top off your glass with the sparkling wine and stir. 
5. Garnish with a little sprig of mint and serve!

Our cheese board kits are carefully curated selections of award-winning, small batch, and hard-to-find cheeses + pairings that are sure to delight your friends and loved ones as a gift or at your next party! This Mother's Day Cheese Board Kit is a limited time preorder, your box and any items included with your order will begin fulfillment and shipping starting May 9th 2023.

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We also include a dossier that includes a Welcome Letter and Pairing Info Sheet, a Quick Start Guide and Variations for composing your board, as well as our signature Cheese and Flavor Profile guides.

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