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Olive Wood Tongs

Olive Wood Tongs

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The cool glass of the window pressing against your temple felt wonderful after a long week at work. You were almost home, to your soft couch and evening plans for take-out with a glass of wine. The rumbling of the train tugged at your consciousness, trying to lull you to sleep. The brakes began to squeal as the train slowed, the electronic voice announcing your station as the train came to a lurching stop. Rising quickly, you stepped off the train and hurried past the turnstiles. Coming outside you found a blooming sunset on the horizon, with street lights flickering on to light your way home.

These versatile tongs are perfect for smaller tasks around your home from flipping bacon to grilling vegetables. Use them for toast or even more perfectly, feature them as the most useful accessory to your next cheese board.

Olive Wood Tongs

Olive wood



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