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This collection serves 5-7 people.


  • Pawlet – Consider Bardwell Farm
  • Big John Cajun Cheddar – Beehive Cheese
  • Lomo – New England Charcuterie
  • Finocchiona – New England Charcuterie
  • Sea Salt Flatbread Crackers – Brewer's Crackers
  • Maple Bacon Onion Spread – Brownwood Farms 
  • BBQ Roasted Corn – Love Corn
  • Pickled Teardrop Peppers – Three Little Pigs


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  • Light Red
  • Medium Red

When Mel went off to law school, she mostly missed being around the cows. Watching them was calming for her. When she was little and got picked on for being different, she would ride her bike a couple miles down the road to the neighbors’ farm and stand at the fence. She didn’t remember her parents coming to get her from Vietnam, but she did remember her first day of second grade when her classmates put gum in her hair because it was “too perfect.” From then on, she didn’t smile much while she was at school. She always loved working on the farm, but she didn’t know if she wanted to stick around because of the disconnect between her and her peers. Then she learned about the Punjabi farmers. She knew she wanted to make it back to her hometown one day to show people how to grow crops even better than before. And especially for her, she wanted to show others how to treat animals with respect, even if they ate meat. So she sat down at the kitchen table with her crayons and mapped out a plan to make enough money once she was older to buy a farm there and get teaching.

So what's missing from all the “charcuterie boards” we see around the internet these days? The actual charcuterie! But not to worry, meat lovers, we’ve got you covered here with The Charcuterie Lover Cheese Board Kit that satisfies the carnivores among us. This board includes Consider Bardwell Farm’s Pawlet and Beehive Cheese’s Big John Cajun Cheddar, two bold cheese selections that stand up alongside New England Charcuterie’s savory Lomo and their complex Finocchiona. Salty Brewer’s Cracker Flatbreads and smoky Maple Bacon Onion Spread by Brownwood Farms get things started, while the spicy BBQ roasted Love Corn and zippy Pickled Peppers by Three Little Pigs make sure to keep things going.

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Don't forget to add a cheese board and other cheese accessories like bowls and cheese knives!

Our cheese collections are carefully curated selections of award-winning, small batch, and hard-to-find cheeses + pairings that are sure to delight your friends and loved ones as a gift or at your next party!

Every collection comes beautifully packed in our custom-designed boxes, with a complementary gift of a spreader, tongs, and honey dipper to ensure the recipient feels as special as our curations!

We also include a dossier that includes a Welcome Letter and Pairing Info Sheet, a Quick Start Guide and Variations for composing your board, as well as our signature Cheese and Flavor Profile guides.

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Note: Due to the amazing nature of the specialty food world, we occasionally will need to substitute an item with another fantastic item of equal or greater value - but just as awesome!

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