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Cheese Markers - Porcelain
Cheese Markers - Porcelain
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Cheese Markers - Porcelain

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Bri was happy to have a brief break in her schedule to attend a birthday party for one of her close friends, Lila. She noticed someone she didn’t know there, but quickly realized it was a magician, roaming around the party, conducting card tricks and little mind games.

The magician eventually gathered the group in front of Lila and asked for a volunteer. Bri raised her hand and walked up to the front. The magician asked Bri to sign a card and then tuck it somewhere the magician couldn’t access. The magician did the same—signed her name on the card then tucked it where Bri couldn’t get to it without others seeing, half-hanging out of her jacket pocket so everyone could watch with ease.

With a snap of the magician’s fingers, the cards were switched. Bri’s mouth dropped. As someone who wasn’t very expressive unless she was around her sister, Autumn, Bri surprised herself. She asked if she could keep the card, which she placed in a wooden box for safekeeping when she got back to her house, excited to show Autumn when she returned from work.


This beautiful set of ceramic cheese flags and an erasable marker is perfect for labeling your next cheese board. Never make your guests guess what dairy magic you're serving them.

Glazed Ceramic



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