The Mini Me: The One That's Cozy Enough for TWO

Our cheese collections are carefully curated selections of award-winning, small batch, and hard-to-find cheeses + pairings that are sure to delight your friends and loved ones as a gift or at your next party!

Every collection comes beautifully packed in our custom-designed boxes, with a complementary gift of a spreader, tongs, and honey dipper to ensure the recipient feels as special as our curations!

We also include a dossier that includes a Welcome Letter and Pairing Info Sheet, a Quick Start Guide and Variations for composing your board, as well as our signature Cheese and Flavor Profile guides.

This collection serves 2-4 people


Christofer jumped at the chance to see the new landscape exhibit at the art museum with Pete, tucking a small leather sketchbook and his lucky mechanical pencil in his breast coat pocket. Pete was the best companion for the museum, as he could look at one piece of art for so long, studying everything about it, that it allowed Christofer the moments he needed to collect his thoughts with paper and pencil. Their trips never failed to end in a stop at the cafe, where they exchanged their impressions of what they witnessed on their visits, all while lazily stirring their glassy cups of chai in an effort to drag out the short time they had together.

And if you have someone who you like to spend lazy afternoons with, The Mini Me Cheese Board Collection will be happy to help. Jasper Hill’s Little Hosmer is the bloomy cheese so adorable you’ll want to tuck it into your breast coat pocket. Completing the cheese trifecta is the universally-loved Prairie Breeze by Milton Creamery and the luscious Clover Honey Chèvre by Vermont Creamery. But it doesn’t stop there, you can wile the time away nibbling on Lark’s Pistachio Sablés and JCoco fig chocolate bar. If you want to spread the joy, this Cheese Board Collection makes the perfect gift for the favorite twosome in your life, whether it’s to celebrate a new milestone or one of those “just thinking of you” moments.

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Note: Due to the amazing nature of the specialty food world, we occasionally will need to substitute an item with another fantastic item of equal or greater value - but just as awesome!

The Mini Me: the one that's cozy enough for two

The Mini Me: the one that's cozy enough for two

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 this collection serves 2-4


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