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Photo of cheese utensils displayed on a counter top

Utensils and Cheese: The More the Merrier

What this is: A look at some useful utensils for cheese board presentation.

Who it’s for: Cheese lovers who love tongs, forks and more on their cheese boards.

We all know we need cheese knives to cut our cheese for our cheese boards but, we don’t want to forget some of the other important players that help make your cheese board more user-friendly.  

  • Mini tongs - perfect for pickles, olives, or grabbing pretty much anything on the plate
  • Small spoons - use for jams and mustards
  • Pickle forks - snag a pickle
  • Mini appetizer forks - makes it easy to get pre-cut slices of cheese 
  • Honey Dippers - helps make picture-perfect honey drizzles
  • Spreaders - jams, mustard, and spreads (natch)

You likely have many of these items already, but possibly didn’t consider them for your cheese plate. Or, maybe you’re getting someone a cheese board making kit and you want to make sure you have all the right tools. This list above is a great basic kit to use as your checklist.

Watch the video below to see our favorite cheese board utensils.


Utensils we use every day can also be repurposed for your next cheese board to make it easy to serve.


Survey your silverware drawers for different utensils you can use on your next cheese board. Be on the lookout for little tongs, and if you don’t have any, think about picking some up. (Note: we sell them (olive wood or metal) at and we also send out a little pair of bamboo tongs with every cheese board collection we ship!)


Click the icons to download a pdf of this lesson and our two handy guides: How Cheese is Made and Cheese and Pairing Types.

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