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How to Wrap Cheese

What this is: How to wrap and save your cheeses properly for the longest amount of time.

Who it’s for: The person who gets uneasy if there isn't a constant supply of gourmet cheeses in the fridge. 

We’ve all been there—you got super excited at the new cheese shop in town and brought home way too much cheese for your wine night with friends, and now you have lots of cheese on your hands and no idea how to wrap it up. Have no fear, we’re here to tell you exactly what you need to do to protect your delicious cheeses from mold, oxygen and other elements. 

The main threat to cheese in the fridge is drying out. Although plastic wrap, ziplocs, and aluminum foil are fine in a pinch to save your favorite cheese for a few days, we recommend cheese paper as the best way to wrap cheese. If the cheese came from a local shop and was wrapped in paper, then you can just save and reuse it. We also sell cheese storage bags, which are handy to have, er, on hand. No matter what you use, the important thing is to make sure that the surface of the cheese is completely covered and not exposed to oxygen. This will help your cheeses last longer and taste better for longer periods of time.

But. Even if you wrap your cheese well in cheese paper, the cheese can develop some ambient mold and a sort of dry film on the surface. All of this is perfectly harmless and you can simply use the back of a knife and just scrape this off until you can see the normal paste of the cheese again (we call this: The Scrape). This is a great way to keep cheeses for longer and not have to unnecessarily waste that fancy cheese you splurged on! 

That being said, sadly, no cheese will last forever, and what it truly wants is to be eaten. While we can totally empathize with wanting to savor that last little nub of delicious Gouda, or delectable Comté, it’s really best that you finish it sooner rather than later—hey, another excuse to go back to your cheese shop! 


Most cheese can survive a few days in whatever you have around the house, but to ensure your cheese will be able to stay in your fridge for a little while, make sure to pick up some cheese paper. 


Check out your cheese drawer and decide if any of your cheeses are looking like they need some love. If you need any new cheese bags or cheese paper, pick some up and then do a little babying to those dairy parcels.


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