Hero Cheese board: it won’t have tights and a cape, but it is here to save the day

Hero Cheese board: it won’t have tights and a cape, but it is here to save the day

What this is: Encouragement to focus on one special cheese so that it can be elevated to super hero status.

Who it’s for: Anyone with a strong affection for one particular cheese.

It will happen to you that someday you’ll come across a really special cheese—maybe it’s seasonal, maybe it’s rare, or maybe it’s just insanely delicious—and you’ll fall so hard for this cheese that you just want to shout it from the rooftops! Or at least share it with everyone you know. You could include it on a cheeseboard, but...what if it was the only cheese on the cheeseboard? Why, that’s what a Hero Cheeseboard is all about!

All too often we think a cheese board has to be 3-5 cheeses (one soft, one medium, one hard, one blue, one goat, etc.), plus some pairings. While variety is great, the Hero Cheeseboard lets you think about variety in a different way—you get to taste just one cheese with a variety of complementary pairings. It lets you really get to know the one cheese, and see how it pairs across the flavor profiles. Remember, there’s no rule that says you can only have one pairing at a time—try doubling (or tripling) up on pairings! (Cracker + honey + cheese + nut, all wrapped in Prosciutto? The sky’s the limit!) 

Plating a Hero Cheese Board is fun and easy. You can cut (or not!) the hero cheese, arrange it artfully and organize the pairings around it, or divide the board with the hero cheese on one side and the pairings on the other. 


A beautiful cheese deserves to be showcased. All it takes is the hard decision on what cheese to focus on.


Make your Wednesday more special by creating a mini hero lunchable board for one. Choose one cheese and then find three or more pairings to fill out the meal with an exciting array of flavor profiles. Make note of what you liked best.


Click the icons to download a pdf of this lesson and our two handy guides: How Cheese is Made and Cheese and Pairing Types.

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