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Cheese Board Don'ts: Overfilling Your Cheese Board

Cheese Board Don'ts: Overfilling Your Cheese Board

What this is: A look at why you should make more room on your next cheese board.

Who it’s for: The cheese board maker looking to take their game up a level.

Note: We never like to limit creativity, but there are a few things we think fall on the strongly Do Not Recommend list. This is one of those items. We encourage you to read with an open mind and consider our suggestions wisely, though ultimately you must make your own decision.

Social media is great for so many things but one of the things we’re seeing in all the boards and boxes that are pictured in our feed is the tendency to overload it with stuff. Coco Chanel was once famously quoted as saying, before you leave the house with your cheese platter, look at it one last time and remove 2 items. (ok, we totally paraphrased that, but you know what we mean, right?) 

Sometimes, a video is worth a thousand words, so watch this video where we take an overfilled board and tweak it to make it more inviting.

We need to keep the cheese board eater in mind as we build our boards. Full is nice but if you can’t find the cheese under the maple leaf cookies, or every time you try to extract something it disrupts the entire plate in a tumbling cascade of pairings, then someone is gonna be mad. Also, not making room for someone to be able to easily cut the cheese (if it’s not precut) is just messy and borders on thoughtless. 

So if this is the case, why do people keep doing it? Easy, they don’t know better (now YOU do) or they chose a platter that was too small, or they are putting too much on their board. 


The next time you set out a platter, take a second look and make sure you’re leaving room on it for the guests.


Scour the internet for some boards, decide they are too full, or just right. If they are too full, determine how you would rectify the situation.


Click the icons to download a pdf of this lesson and our two handy guides: How Cheese is Made and Cheese and Pairing Types.

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