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Cheese Layout: Fun Board Building

Cheese Layout: Fun Board Building

What this is: Different ideas for how to lay out cut cheese on a cheese board.

Who it’s for: The person who likes to eat with their eyes.

Once you’ve cut your cheeses, and perhaps even before you’ve cut, you can consider how you want to lay out your pieces. The following are just a few of the suggestions. 



A line of cheese like this looks amazing swerving across a cheese board. You can line up the front edge with the back edge of the next piece like in this illustration, or push the ends out a little so that the points go beyond the back edge, which creates a softer line.


If you’re feeling playful or want a little height, this Jenga style is fun. This works better on a more structured, less organically laid out board.


These rays can point out from the thick end of the triangle or from the thin end. They look especially smashing, encircling a bowl of nuts, jam or honey.


Never let it be said that only triangles can have fun. Sticks, especially fat ones, can stack and rotate to create an elevated herringbone pattern on a board.


This is a good trick when you picked a board that was a little too big for the amount of cheese + pairings you have. Spreading them out looks pretty and takes up room!


You can do this with wedges of bloomy&brainy cheese but you can also just cut nice fat little triangles of other cheeses. This can be fun one for a sturdy blue cheese that doesn’t crumble too much. 


Once cheese is cut, there are many ways to lay it out. Thinking about it at the beginning can help you build stronger and more interesting cheese boards. 


Grab some cardboard or construction paper, cut out a bunch of cheese shapes, and play with the different layouts you can come up with, you can even try them out on your favorite cheese board. Do you have some new favorites? Take a photo and save them in your cheese photo album on your phone (you do have a cheese album, right?)


Click the icons to download a pdf of this lesson and our two handy guides: How Cheese is Made and Cheese and Pairing Types.

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