Board Building: Quick Start Guide

Board Building: Quick Start Guide

What this is: The quickest lesson to set up your cheeseboard

Who it’s for: The hungry (and impatient?) cheese lover

Follow these three easy steps to creating your next cheese board.


Anchor the layout of your cheese board with any bowls you want to use to hold the pairings. To make it even easier, skip the part where you transfer the pairing into a bowl and just put the original jars on the board instead (this works especially well with honey, jam, and mustard). Other items that do well in a bowl are cheese dip or spread, olives, pickles, nuts, popcorn, relish, and dips.



Now is the time to make your cheese the center of attention—this is a cheese board, after all! Because this is what you really want people to focus on, take the time to fill the space around the bowls with the star of the show. Get fancy with your cheese cuts, shapes, and layouts—there are so many fun patterns you can make!


3. Fill

Next take all the little lovely bits, crackers, and pairings you have and tuck them in and around your bowls and featured cheeses. Keep in mind which pairings you put near which cheeses—you can help guide your guests by grouping the cheeses and pairings you think they should try together (i.e. If you want the honey on the blue cheese, make sure it’s next to it!)


Building a board is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Want to make it more elaborate? Check out all our lessons in our Board Building Classroom.


Build your shopping list for your perfect six-item cheese board. What would it include? Sketch out three different layouts for the same group of items. Running through exercises like this make it easy to pick up just the essentials when you’re building a board. It also helps you know what kind of items you want in your pantry at all times!



Click the icons to download a pdf of this lesson and our two handy guides: How Cheese is Made and Cheese and Pairing Types.

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